Recent columns from BBC Wildlife magazine

  • What is sexual dimorphism? – Male and female animals of the same species usually come in different forms or ‘morphs’. The two sexes have distinctive features, but why does this sexual dimorphism exist?
  • How animals regrow their body parts – Some animals are capable of growing lost limbs, organs and even entire bodies. This enables certain creatures to shed body parts through self-amputation or ‘autotomy’.
  • Parasites: from pests to puppeteers – Parasites can be either viruses or organisms, with (often disgusting) life strategies that have evolved to benefit themselves at the cost of others.

Selected features in BBC Science Focus magazine

  • Metric Man – Technology now enables people to record their daily activity, read their DNA and measure everything from bad cholesterol to good bacteria. Can such self-tracking help you improve your health?
  • Recreating the Neanderthal Mind – Scientists are growing ‘mini-brains’ containing Neanderthal genes. Could they reveal what made modern humans such a successful species?
  • Gene Club – Amateurs are altering DNA as a hobby. So who are these biohackers, and what are they up to?

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